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Spanish Programs Programas de espanol


Beginner Spanish is comprised of two levels.  

These 2 beginner courses will help you create a solid foundation in Spanish. At this early level we provide students with the stepping stones of Spanish grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and every-day usage. Primarily, the present tense will be used.

Level I

This level is for people with little or no prior experience with the Spanish language and this is likely their first experience studying Spanish.

In this level you will learn the basics of communication and grammar. At the end of this level the student will be able to do such things as: greet others, make introductions, make reservations and order a meal, tell time, ask/give directions and much more.

Level II

This level is for people with some knowledge or experience with the Spanish language.

In this level you will reinforce the skills learned in Level I and how to communicate in simple sentences, using regular verbs in the present and present continuous tenses.

Upon completion of level I & II, students may progress to more intermediate levels (III & IV) and, finally, the advanced levels (V and IV).


A foreign language Spanish With spanish speakers

Advanced Spanish is comprised of two levels  (V and VI) and are usually small group or private sessions.

These courses are for students who already have a good level of fluency and fluidity in the language either from earlier classes or extensive traveling and would like an opportunity to practice their conversation skills to improve on what they already know.

Level V

Students will be taught the more complex structures of Spanish grammar and vocabulary will be enriched with specific terms.

Level IV

Students will be taught a deeper understanding of the more complex structures of Spanish grammar such as the perfect future tense, the imperative mode. Their fluency will be enriched by learning to connect ideas together, sharing stories and expressing opinions.


Intermediate Spanish is comprised of two levels (III and IV).  

These levels are designed for students who have had an entry level of of Spanish.  Students will continue to build their oral, written and listening skills while expanding their vocabulary and developing greater fluency. By the end of the course students will be able to communicate effectively in common situations of every-day life using the present tense and the immediate future tense.

Fluency and pronunciation are the focus and will greatly improve. Questions with prepositions, connectors, regular and irregular verbs and the progressive present tense will be learned.

Level III

This level is for people that have completed the beginner courses Level I & II and therefore already have a basic knowledge in the language or from travelling and would like an opportunity to practice their conversation skills and improve on what they already know.

In this level proper grammar usage is emphasized. Students will be introduced to past tenses of verbs and have the opportunity to practice oral and written communication, using basic daily vocabulary.

Level IV

This level covers the future tense of verbs and students will be engaged in conversations utilizing all tenses. After completing this level, students will have a good understanding of the mechanics, expressions and current idioms. Further immersion and practice are required to become truly fluent, in the Spanish language and those students wishing to do so are encouraged to arrange to go on to the advanced levels V and VI.




“Be able to communicate well enough to help yourself in all scenarios of everyday life:  getting directions, ordering food, greeting new acquaintances and more”

“The advanced student will develope a deeper and a more insightful appreciation of Spanish books, newspapers, movies and programs and conversations with native or Spanish as second language speakers”

“We specialize in providing you and your company with tailor made learning opportunities to suit your special interest or requirements”

The Spanish Learning Institute offers custom made courses to suit and expand your knowledge and awareness of Spanish and Latin American business practices and cultures. As much as possible, we will focus on specific needs and targeted audiences and purposes (personal interest, business travel, student exchanges and more).

Private lessons:

Private lessons are possible by special arrangement. We will consider all options to best suit your specialized needs. We welcome the opportunity to book individual consultations to discuss how the Spanish Learning Institute can assist you in developing your Spanish language fluency and understanding.

Cost of private lessons:

The cost of a one-on-one private lesson is charged at $35.00/hr.

Corporate lessons:

Corporate classes are customized designed  to your particular type of business needs. Whether your company deals with Latin America or you are looking for corporate culture building and team-enriching activities, we can create a program specific to your requirements and interests.  The cost of these sessions will depend on several factors:  frequency, number of participants, degree of difficulty and so on.

“Don’t struggle with online courses when personal instruction, group participation and immediate feedback of the classroom experience is at your disposal.  We can accomplish your language goals in an enjoyable atmosphere and at a quicker pace”

“Learn from dedicated instructors who
enjoy teaching their native tongue”