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All instructors at The Spanish Learning Institute are native Spanish-speaking and have teaching credentials more information to follow.

Beira Segura - Primary Instructor and Institute Director

Beira is originally from Bogotá, Colombia and graduated from the teacher's college, Instituto Politecnico Integrado, El Politek in Bogotá.

Beira immigrated to Edmonton, Alberta in 1982. She began her certification as a Teacher Assistant, from Grant MacEwan and completed it in l999. Beira has been employed with Elk Island Public School Board as an Educational Assistant in the elementary division.

She was then instrumental in the start up of Elk Island's Continuing Education's Spanish Programming. Spanish has since then become a popular choice among students and the general public of Sherwood Park and surrounding areas.

The Spanish Learning Institute is a fulfillment of Beira's lifelong desire to teach and promote the Spanish language and culture. Her background in education and her personal interest in her community and her passion for her native language are clearly exhibited throughout the class sessions. Student evaluations of her expertise are always favourable.

More Instructor Information to follow soon!

Guest Lecturers:

When available, expert guest lecturers are brought in to augment the lessons.

Real Life Language Immersion:

Routinely, at the end of every session (10 weeks) and to celebrate the completion of the course, the entire class attends a dinner at a Spanish restaurant, in full immersion fashion. Dinners are ordered in Spanish and the conversation at the table is also conducted in Spanish (as much as the course level allows).  These are social gatherings…the work is done and this is the time to experience some of the Latin culture !

Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things but learning another way to THINK about things.”
Flora Lewis

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The Spanish Learning Institute:
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The Spanish Learning Institute is committed to delivering, maintaining, and promoting Spanish language skills to the residents of Edmonton, Sherwood Park and surrounding areas. We seek to promote language-learning among travellers, business people, students of all ages and other interested groups and thereby promote both individual growth and the growth of understanding among the citizens of our region and the Spanish-speaking nations and their varied cultures.


Beira Segura

Authentic Spanish Cuisine
from a variety of Latin cultures


“Learning another language is like becoming another person”
Haruki Murakami

There is no real magic, language learning takes effort but at the SLI, we also believe in having fun while we work.

There are 5 steps you need to consider:

Step #1  Make sure that you are ready and willing to learn.

Step #2  Create your goals (let SLI plan the learning strategy to help you              achieve those goals).

Step #3  Find a reputable school with experienced instructors with excellent              learning resources (SLI has prepared all your course  materials to              take you through your new language acquisition from the basics to              advanced levels at a pace that you can easily maintain.  All materials              are supplied by SLI)

Step #4  Don’t be shy….speak Spanish in and out of class.

Step #5  Seek out opportunities beyond class to …..Practice, practice,              practice !

“Those who know many languages live as many lives as the languages they know.”
   Czech Proverb


Our programs are designed to teach everyone the language of everyday life !  Our goal is to make the learning engaging by using real life to build vocabulary, grammar, conversational skills and common idioms to ensure that the classes are meaningful to our students - whatever their need for Spanish is (travel, shopping, meeting people or conducting business).  

Basically we emphasize the communicative approach while also laying down a solid foundation of proper grammar and formal structures.

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