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The Spanish Learning Institute is not only committed to teaching Spanish language abilities but also in promoting growth of understanding of Latin cultures. Our students will find many useful resources at the websites listed below (listening to Latin music, reading Spanish text). We encourage our students to go out into the Latin community to use their new language skills.

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The most accurate Spanish to English to Spanish translation through Spanish translators, dictionaries, and verb conjugations

Supplement your classes with games that use proven learning techniques to teach vocabulary, context, grammar

Games, worksheets, and other fun stuff

Help with vocabulary and other useful things


Useful APP's to download on your iphone:

Duo Lingo

Learning Spanish through gamification, fun!

4001 Spanish Verbs

It works offline and lets you search for verbs in english or spanish. When you find the verb you are looking for it sections it out by all the possible tenses/forms and shows all the possible conjugations


The tools you need to start having practical, everyday conversations


A social learning app for languages. It is available on web and via iOS and Android

Cultural Events and Entertainment

Amazing 3-day festival, Western Canada’s largest Latin festival that takes place each summer in August, at the Prince’s Island Park, Calgary.  Soak in some culture!